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Day 8 – Rest at Lobuche

It’s really cold this morning. Clouds are low, visibility changing from 200 to 500 m, wind is blowing and it’s also snowing. I am having a chat to Agasta. There is a difficult decision I have to make. I decided to cancel the Chola Pass and Gokyo lakes trek. There are bad weather reports in the area and also according to some locals who got through there recently it is getting difficult due lot’s of rock climbing. I am here for photography and in this weather it doesn’t make too much sense to go there if I am not gonna see anything. I am also physically exhausted.


Decision has been made and we stay and rest at Lobuche. Unfortunately during lack of time I cannot do Chola Pass day later. So we have to go back to Lukla the same or almost the same way we came. As the day progressed the weather got crazier from snow to rain and ice, strong changing wind and low clouds. Who would expect weather like this at the end of the May. Even Agasta is shaking his head. But these are Himalayas my friends and nothing can be taken for granted.



Bad things happen every day. There are countless reports of lost tourists, severe altitudes sickness cases etc. And it goes same way for locals. There was a case of a guide or porter about 2 days ago who got severe altitude sickness. They took him down to Namche Bazar quite quickly, he was on oxygen and yet, they didn’t manage to save his life. This is very good example how serious this can get and how important it is to go up “SLOW” and monitor how your body respond to altitude change. It may be different to every person. I was lucky because except headache and bad sleep here and there I was ok. Should I have one more symptom, it should ring the alarm.


Day in freezing Lobuche was long and boring. I spent big part of it in sleeping bag ( i just mistyped it as freezing bag). I couldn’t take photos because there was nothing to see outside. There were no tourists because most of those who went down passed Lobuche and went to Dingboche or Tengboche. Only sherpas were coming here and there with their loads, stop for noodle soup and tea and then continue their way probably to Everest Base Camp.


At some point we went to porter house with Agasta to see whats happening there. Porter house is place for porters to sleep since tea houses are much more expensive for them.

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