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Day 12 – Bye Bye Himalayas

It’s 4 am morning. I couldn’t sleep very well since I was nervous about flight to Kathmandu. I looked outside the window and all I saw it’s clouds. In this weather they simply don’t fly. But it may clear up little later. First flight should come in at about 7 am.


They are especially picky about weather in Lukla because of unique location and parameters of airport. It’s all for security reasons and if pilots refuse to fly you shouldn’t be insisting. After all you want to get to your destination in one piece. Planes approach Lukla in between high mountains and in high frequency. There is several airlines running services there and they make flights there and back several times a day as long as weather allows it. The runway in the airport is one of the shortest in the world, total length not more than 250m and its not leveled, its actually a slope. So planes are landing uphill while taking of downhill. It takes certain amount of skill to do that.


At 6 am we are already on airport with million other stranded people waiting to get on the plane. I don’t know how Agasta did it but he managed to get us on the first flight. That’s how it works. It’s not based on time but on number of rounds plane is able to make it. So the best chance is to be on flight number one. By the time they make second round weather can change and they may not be able to make it. That’s what happened yesterday.


First flight came in early and we boarded with other passengers. I saw some familiar faces and I realized we are actually on VIP flight. Best Nepali actor and actress, some high National bank official, Malaysian ambasador and his wife were among the passengers. They all attended the party in Namche Bazar after the marathon race and now they were on the way home.


Flight was bumpy but without any major problems. I only noticed that left propeller is wiggling a lot but thought if they fly it it’s in the norm. We landed in Kathmandu safely and there was a big fight among taxi drivers to get u in their car. Finally we came to the same hotel where I started my journey n Nepal. Since it was still very early I treated Agasta for breakfast. After that he went home just few blocks away and I had a shower. First time since one in Namche. I badly needed it. I felt dirty, my hair like yak’s fur and my face is peeling down after getting burned in Kalapathar. And I realized how skinny I am again. I must have lost at least 7-8 kg. I had some muscle before which is now completely gone. No wonder all children are scared of me.


Plan for today is rest in the morning and afternoon possibly visit Durbar Square and take some more photos. Also need to change some money to pay Agasta for porter since he handled that in Lukla. Also need some money for his tip since I was very satisfied especially with his efforts to get us on the plane to Kathmandu. I am also invited to his place tonight and have dinner with his family. They are about to teach me how to make sherpa stew. It’s gonna be handy once I am back in Australia in non heated apartments 🙂


My journey is close to it’s end. My flight of Nepal is tomorrow at 1:30pm.

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