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Day 11 – Finally back to Lukla

Next morning I woke up about 6 am, so little later than other days but still early. I slept well since altitude is not so high here, about 2600 m which is absolutely fine when you coming down from higher altitudes. Kiwi dude had some headache but I explained to him it’s normal when going up. I had coffee and some honey porridge for breakfast and waited till Agasta gets ready so we can head of for Lukla. I am starting to worry a bit because weather is changing quickly and there are sopme rumors that there are no flights from Lukla to Kathmandu again.


There was an interesting turn this morning and we stayed at lodge little longer than planned. The Nepali TV crew decided they make some backup plan and they decided to have a discussion with tourists. So they set up quickly the stage (table with few chairs), with mI noticed there is a toilet sign in the background so I hope it will be blurred by depth of field. But they using Sony HD camcorder and as far as I remember depth of field on that one is pretty big. Well….
Anyway at hat time I had no idea that I will be part of discussion too. I know they wanted Agasta, they wanted an American lady who just came down from Everest Expedition. Then they asked the Kiwi dude and myself. Whoa…. I am gonna be on Nepali National TV. Who would have thought about that. It wasn’t in the itinerary. I was asked about 4 questions. In the very firs one I clarified that I went only to Kalapatthar and not to base camp but he kept repeating and referring to base camp in rest of the questions. The host was young and probably more nervous than me. Whole thing took about half an hour and I remember I was shaking from cold. After that we grabbed our bags and head off.


On the way we stopped for lunch in Phakding at the same lodge we stayed the first day. It was nice and sunny and I stayed outside to dry the sweat t-shirts and socks. But good weather wasn’t meant to stay. As we left for final push for Lukla the weather got dramatically worse. It started raining and we reached Lukla soaking wet. I hope the clothes dry down here much quicker. On the way Agasta made some phone calls trying to get us on the first plane morning. That’s the best chance how to get out from here. Apparently this morning only one plane made it all the way to landing. Rest were turned back. Hope tomorrow morning I get on one and reach Kathmandu. If not I have one more chance tomorrow and will run straight to my international flight after that. I feel bit nervous, I don’t really want to miss my flight to Bangkok otherwise I will be late from holiday and that’s not a good thing.

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