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Day 10 – Namche Bazar and Everest Marathon

Next morning I realized that it’s not meant to be a lucky one for me. Once again, Everest and other mountains were covered by clouds and my sunrise picture with orange peak is not going to happen. It’s sad but I have to live with it. I had a quick breakfast, brief visit to monastery and we head of to Namche Bazar.


This part is fairly easy because most of the time it’s going down hill. Rocky path makes it bit difficult. Always have to be careful not to slip on some loose rock and break your neck or camera.
In the half way we made a detour in the village of Kumjung. It was a little bit of climb again. I am not sure why they always build important hubs on hill top. This village is huge and noticeable very rich. Houses are new, everything is also very clean. There is a hospital and also a school founded by sir Edmund Hillary.


After leaving Kumjung we came to the Syngboche, the highest located airport in the world. Well you can hardly call it airport but I spotted the control tower. The runway is just ling patch of grass and soil. From there its 30 minutes steep descent to Namche Bazar. We check in to the hotel, I got the same room as before. Then we went for a short walk. There is a museum we visited, located in army parameter with some history and fact about Everest region but I think you can look up all this information on internet so you don’t have to spend the time visiting it. There are also lots of Tibetan people here selling some goods. Tomorrow is the Everest marathon race so there will be lots of people in Namche and therefore possible profit.


The dining room at the dinnertime is quite busy. French ambasador and his wife are hosting dinner for all Nepali officials that had something to do with tomorrows marathon. It was funny because he forgot to zip his pants. Anyway, dining room seemed to be busy and I wasn’t hungry anyway so I opted for sleeping bag.


Next morning is as usual cloudy but soon it cleared up and it was actually quite hot. We went up to the army base so I could have my last view of Everest. Horizon was fairly clear so I got my view and some additional photos. Then we headed down to the marathon finish line hoping to get some good photos of contestants. It’s a though race from Everest Base Camp to Namche Bazar with total length of 43 km on rocky surface with lots of climbs and descents. The track record is unbelievable around 3 hrs 40 mins. I think this year there are 150 contestants, most from Nepal but at least 40-50 international ones. However they hardly stand a chance with locals. I was fighting for my spot near finish line with one of my friends I bumped in several times during the trek. And there he comes the first runner crossed the line in new race record time. It took more than 30 mins till the second came in. We were there till the first 10 and no foreigner among them. All Nepali so we decided we won’t wait.


It was time to leave Namche Bazar. We walked till village of Monjo. It was mostly descent and then walk on rocky surface near milky river. On army checkpoint there was a small incident with one Israeli tourist who didn’t pay the National Park entry fee so he had to go back 2 km to ticket office and pay the fee. Other than that nothing important happened. There were few people at the lodge, some Kiwi’s (dad & daughter) and Nepali national TV crew of 3 people. Apparently they missed the plane from Kathmandu to Lukla and failed to reach Namche Bazar with all happenings around Everest Marathon.

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