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Day 6 – Lobuche

What a surprise next morning. I heard some strange noises like something is falling from the roof. I slipped out of sleeping bag and looked outside window and I saw scenery I din’t happen to see last 8 years. Everything was whine. This was first time I saw snowfall since I left Europe in 2003. Very exciting but also made me little nervous. This is end of May. There wasn’t supposed to be snow. That was not in plan.


Obviously the daily and night temperatures dropped. As I mentioned last night it was already very cold. I didn’t have gloves, no winter cap and my warm jacket is not good for trekking. As I get sweat it gets wet inside. It doesn’t let the moisture to go. Well I have to deal with what I have. Quick breakfast start us for the trek and of we go to Lobuche. It’s pretty cold. Visibility is max 500-800m and where you can see is white fields. Mountains are not visible due to low clouds. And it’s snowing as well. It feels like we are on some polar expedition. Apart from few sherpas there is nobody around.


First part of the trek is ok. Tempo is quite high. Agasta is talking to some sherpa and somehow he adjusted the speed so he can keep up. I cannot compare myself with sherpas so I did my best to keep up with them too. As they talked, Agasta somehow forgot to take regular rests. I dont mind since this part is fairly flat and speed keeps us warm. We finished the first part at Thukla where we had some tea and rest. I caught up with some friends I met on earlier stages. It doesn’t take long and we are on the second half of the trek to Lobuche at 4800m. Weather is not getting any better. First I feel quite cold since my “non trekking” jacked is wet. But on the section to come I warm up quite quickly. Right after Thukla there is steep climb on the rocks covered with snow. Slope is about 30-40 degrees and altitude difference between bottom and top is more than 100 m. It takes us nearly 50 min to get to the top, At least that what it took me. Agasta was probably able to make it much quicker. This was really the test of my physical ability and mental toughness. After 50 mins of sweat and pain I made it. We had a break but I was chasing my breath for next 10 mins. The place we stopped was actually a memorial place for all people who died trying to climb Everest. I have to say there were plenty of stone monnuments, some of famous sherpas.


Break is over soon and we are on the last stage of our trip to Lobuche. This part is up and down but fairly flat and not too steep profile. However I am already quite tired so when we see the first buildings I feel quite happy. I go to my room straight away, change to dry clothes and I curl myself in sleeping bag and became a dead person for next two hours. After the nap I find strength to pull myself out from sleeping bag. First thing I feel is bloody cold. It cannot be more than 10 degrees in the room. I go to dinning and order some tea and sherpa stew to warm me up. It helps….temporarily. As it gets dark the temperatures outside are already sub zero. It’s very cold inside too since there is no heating, no weather sealing. Nothing. But luckily they lit up the stowe in the middle of the dinning room. That warms us up nicely till time we go to sleep. I need to have good rest because tomorrow is very hard day. Our aim is Kalapatthar.

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