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Day 5 – Dingboche

It was an early morning in Tengboche. I woke up to see the sunrise on Everest and Lhotze. Unfortunately the mountain range was covered in clouds. There were some other peaks to see but it was kind of disapointing. I just wanted to see sunrise on Everest. Well, hope I have opportunity later.


I have my breakfast at 6 am and we are on our way to Dingboche at 6:30. First half of the trek was easy as usually, Sun was shining but it wasnt that hot. Especially there was cold wind which I really felt once I put down my backpack. I have to be careful not to get sick. Country was spectacular. We saw Everest and Lhotze in front of us. It was even better that we aere almost alone. Agasta says he never saw Himalayas so empty in last couple of years. Well I certainly enjoyed it. During the day I maybe spotted 5 tourists. But there were plenty of sherpas, with their animals (cross between buffalo and yak) carrying their load.


Most of the time we were already above tree line. There were only bushes and plenty of rocks. Physically I feel ok. I am certainly tired but it’s bearable. If I had that extra acclimatisation day at Namche Bazar I would be much better though. Some parts are really easy but some especially steep “stairs” are really taxing. Lack of oxygen is aparent and breathing becomes very heavy. It’s good idea to take it slow and take as many breaks as necessary. At some point I was so tired I couldn’t even lift the camera. Every extra movement cost invaluable energy.


We had short stop at Pengboche for some hot soup and lemon tea and then we continued walking. Country was open and we were surrounded by high mountains. Especially one called Ama Dablam with very specific shape. Meaning of the name is Gentle Mother. It doesn’t seem to be so gentle at the moment with summit covered by clouds. Its only 7000+ m high but also deadly. Because of its shape it requires special techniques to climb it.


About noon we spot Dingboche. Whole village is mostly tea houses. There is not many tourists so its almost empty. By the time we reached the sun disappeared behind clouds and strong wind pushed more clouds and fog into valley. All of the sudden temperature dropped to 5 degrees Celsius. Since I came to Singapore my body forgot how to handle temperatures like this. I really felt cold. I pulled out my NorthFace jacket which i bought in Vietnam. I felt warmer but soon enough even that wasn’t enough. I ordered sherpa stew agian which warmed me up again and yeah it was delicious. Later on they started the fire in stowe in the middle of the dinning room. I thought that was nice. Soon enough the room was nice and warm and I almost felt asleep. There is no wood here so I asked Agasta what do they use to burn and its apparently dried yak dump. On the contrary my room is gonna be freezing cold. I will have to use extra layers even in sleeping bag.


Tomorrow we trek to the Lobuche which is gonna be our entry point to Kalapathar and Gokyo lakes. Toughest part of trek starts there. So by then hope you enjoyed reading and come back soon for more. I am off to bed.

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  1. Brano
    June 7, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    Still reading it …Day 6 commoon…

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