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Day 4 – Tengboche

Today’s trek should take about 6 hrs as well. I recovered from yesterday pretty well so I was hoping I won’t miss that extra day of acclimatisation. Anyway, people I meet along the trip are wondering how can I make this trip without acclimatisation. I don’t know eiter. I am over the easier part yet. The difficult are Kalapathar, Gorak Sheep and Gokyo lakes.


We left Namche early about 6:20. There is beautiful light early morning and scenery is spectacular. There are much higher mountains surrounding Namche than I thought. I just didn’t see them yesterday because of clouds. But this morning it is all clear and views are great. Most of the first half of the trik leads on the mountain side. There is not much elevation change at this point and path is excellent. According to Agasta it was built by a single sherpa over 40 years time. Amazing.


Air is very clear and we get excellent view of Everest, Lhoze and Nuptze and some other peaks. At this point the trek is very enjoyable. Headache is gone and I am breading much slower than yesterday. It still pays f to be careful. My schedule is very tight and whole trip is done within much shorter time that usually. We missing extra 2-3 acclimatisation days. I made a decision if things get really bad I won’t push to see everything I planned to. Health is more important.

Tengboche is in 3800 m altitude so it is 600m more than Namche Bazar. Shouldn’t be that hard I thought but in the second half we had quite long and steep descent and then climbing back again. I was tired but it’s definitely not as bad as yesterday.


Finally around noon we reach to Tengboche. There is only couple of guesthouses and monastery. Everest view is covered by clouds so hope it clears up by morning so we can experience a nice sunrise. We dropped to monastery to observe monks at praying ritual. It was very interesting, things like you only see in movies. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take photos. Later I saw young monks playing soccer so I went there and snapped some pictures. At about 4pm I decided to only rest. Trek will just get harder from here so I need to rest well and most importantly have a good sleep during the night.

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