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Day 3 – Namche Bazar the Sherpa Capital

It’s early morning and I have some quick breakfast. Our target today is to trek to Namche Bazar the Sherpa capital.. It’s supposed to be about 6 hrs trek and I feel it’s gonna be easy when I look back to our yesterdays trek to Phakding. Well Namche Bazaar is in 3400 m altitude so there is gonna be some climbing involved for sure. I just didn’t count it is the last section only when you do 90% of your climb.
We left Phakding before 6am. Agasta says it is going to be too hot later to trek so better start early. First two thirds of the trek were fairly easy. Some climbs, some descents but nothing too difficult. About midway we stopped in one of many tea houses for short break and some food. I had fried noodles with vegetable (Sherpa style). Not bad. Bit too much oil used but other than that I liked it. Then we continued the trek. This time our porter was with us. Yesterday he came few hours behind.


Views are spectacular, deep valley with quite wild “Milky River” and very steep mountains. In the background I saw few with snow caps as well. At the moment we are still very deep below snow line. At one point there was a bridge across the river, pretty high and II guess good candidate for bungee jumping only if it wasn’t hanging bridge. We crossed than and since then it was continuous climb all the way to Namche Bazar. 2 and half hours of hard work. At the times it was so steep I had to use my hand to keep balance. We were traversing the mountain side. I saw about 50 m steap path in front of me and after the turn there was another one and another one. At this point I almost felt I overestimated my fitness. Seems that Agasta set a deadly tempo for us. We were walking much faster that some other tourists. Still the pace was slow. I felt the lack of oxygen already. At some point I was about to spit out my lungs. My camera gear was heavier by every step I made. And then finally break. We sat down for few minutes to take rest and I had my first glimpse of Everest between the trees. Still very far away though. There were many sherpas alongside way to Namche Bazar carrying their heavy load. Yesterday I thought it is the second hardest job in the world but now I have to make a slight correction. It is the hardest job as far as I am concerned. Carrying 100kg load this high on that steap mountain side is heroic achievement. They were resting often but still it is though. I was tired like hell. Altitude sickness kicked in with headache and I was a bit light headed.


Finally we spotted Namche Bazar and in another 30 mins we were already in hotel. I was hungry but I needed rest so I slept next two hours. After that I had finally a hot shower for 300 Rupies but it felt bloody good. I had dinner and coffee and little bit refreshed I headed to Namche Bazar market. There was lots of stuff for sale, food, clothing, batteries, poultry etc. all carried up here by porters. This place is 3400 m above sea level, no airport, landing zone nothing. I heard here and there they bring something with helicopter but 90% of everything I saw here was carried by sherpas. It’s amazing. About 4 pm I decided to go back to hotel and rest. I need it because tomorrow is gonna be as hard day as today. Most of the trekkkers stay extra day in Namche Bazar for acclimatization but I am on tight schedule so no acclimatisation for me. I am bit worried how I handle it but lets see. If altitude sickness gets really bad then I probably have to stay extra day to acclimatise or even descend. This is not to be taken lightly. I already saw few people being carried down to lower altitudes.


I think I have to drink little bit more water than I did til now. That should make things easier and from tomorrow no sleep during the day. So far except headache and dizziness I am ok. I still sleep well and have appetite of lion and Agasta says that’s good. So lets hope I wont get too bad. That’s it for now my friends, my sleeping bag waits for me….I need rest rest rest.

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  1. Brano
    June 7, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Hi Riso, i like this part “(translate visuty most))”. BTW, nice article… gonna read day 3…

  2. Brano
    June 7, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    sorry … day 4

  3. admin
    June 7, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    haha dik, na to som zabudol 🙂

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