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Day 2 – Kathmandu to Lukla and Phakding

It’s and early wake up this morning. I didn’t sleep really well cos the hotel neighbourhood was too noisy and maybe I was a little anxious a well. Anyway I had quick breakfast at 5 am. Agasta was already there in his trekking  gear. Weather seemed to be good so I was hoping they resume flights to Lukla.
There was quite a chaos at the airport. I guess everyboddy wanted to get on the plane. I got feeling it was served on first come first go basis. Agastas experience and connections came in handy. We are soon trhough the checkpoint, got some kind of stampon boarding pass and we jumped onto small buss which will take us to the plane. It was quite funny, that guard who stamped our boarding pass looked bored. Probably because all he had to to do is lift his right hand with stamp and then let it down. It was our task to put the boarding  pass into the right position. He didn’t seem to move any other part of his body.


It is the lucky day. We are taking off but I will celebrate only after landing since they can call us back if the weather is too bad. I am quite happy to leave Kathmandu. I didn’t really like that place. Up in the air it looked like giant construction site with all it’s dirt, dust and pollution. I had the first glimpse of Himalayan mountain range from the plane. OMG, I thought this small plane cannot even climb that high as the peaks I saw. I at just behind the pilots and I saw the Lukla runway approach. It wasn probably not longer than 200 m. In the mountains it was quite bumpy but we managed to touch down safely. We grabbed our bags and went to a tea house for some refreshment. I decided to hire a porter as well. It will be much easier to take pictures if I don’t need to worry about my big bag. Just hope I  have enough money for food and paying him. As I said after I changed money to Nepali Rupies I lost track about how much I am spending. After tea Agasta took me to Lukla’s market. Quite interesting site.


Today’s trek is pretty short and it serves as acclimatisation. Lukla is about 2500m high, so as high as the highest mountain in my country. We walked about 3-4 hours to small village called Phakding.  I had a good chat to Agasta during walk. He turned out as very nice guy and has lots of experience. He seems to know everyone . We had a lunch ad Phakding and afternoon was a rest time. I had a walk around but Agasta told me I should rest. He said almost on each trip he did somebody fell sick with altitude sickness. So I don’t want to take it lightly. I had a short nap after lunch and caught up with some sleep. It was quite cold in the room so dinning the night I am gonna sleep in sleeping bag.  Hotel is very basic. They said they have shower but I doubt they have hot water. Somehow I feel I am gonna stink like pig at the end of this trip. Anyway I try to get as clean as possible….
I still have to mention that countryside around here is beautiful. I saw few peaks which seemed to be very high but as Agasta said those are just something above 6000m. It was pretty sunny but most of the peaks were covered with clouds. This place is so clean, air is fresh,  Kathmandu in comparison feels like rubbish bin. You can feel that somehow the capital didn’t make too good impression one me. But this place is different. It’s nice and I enjoy it. And since this is end of season it’s also fairly empty.


Soon I will be heading down for some dinner and I guess then I just sleep. We are in deep valley and as I can see from window, weather is changing. There are some heavy and thick clouds closing in. Lets hope the good weather lasts.

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