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Day 1 – From Singapore to Kathmandu

So this is day one of my trip. It started pretty early at 4:30 with quick shower, breakfast and taxi drive to airport. I had some time to spare so I sat down and had a giant lathe to keep me awake. Flight from Singapore to Bangkok and then to Kathmandu was smooth.It tooj just about 6 hrs together with transit in Bangkok so it is not that long. Airport at Kathmandu is a little run down building but kept clean.

After I done immigration and d collected my luggage I headed out where my guide Agasta supposed to wait for me. And there he was as promised. I was also surrounded by whole bunch of other guys trying to take advantage of new “victim”. They were running around me like hyenas even though I obviosuly had my transportation to the city organized. I was about to get into car so I took of my camera bag and some of them grabbed it like he wants to help me with it. Not that I needed it. Anyway, he held my bag for few seconds and then he asked for a tip. I asked what for and he goes ” I am a porter”. I just mention this for other people who come here. Be aware of these guys.

My first impression of Nepal is that it’s very poor country. I thought I was in India. It looks exactly same. I even saw few duded dressed like those guys from Rajastan on Steve McCurry photographs. Anyway, streets are buzzin and they are unmaintained, dusty and full of rubish. There are begger and homeless people everywhere. After about 15-20 min drive we came to notable “tourist” area with hotels, hostels and shops. For some reason every place I go to feels a little or lot different than I pictured it before. And Kathmandu feels different. At least thats what my first impression says.

After arriving to hotel I checked in and went up to my room to refresh. Of course there was a “porter” carrying my bag and he didn’t leave until I gave him a tip. I guess I have to get lots of 1 USD notes.

After that we dropped to Agasta’s office to do some formalities like trekking permission, tickets to Lukla etc. They actually had some bad news. There was no flight to Lukla last two days due to bad weather conditions there. If they cancel my flight it’s gonna completely hit my itinerary and I can forget about visiting Everest area. Instead I would need to go to Annapurna region. Agasta also organized that if they gonna send helicopter to Lukla they will take us. That would be fun.

Afternoon was the time to walk around. we decided to go to one Buddhist temple with good view on whole Kathmandu. Weather was hot, like 2 weeks ago in Bangkok, roads dusty and streets dirty. Agasta was explaining things about Nepal, Kathmandu and Nepali culture. I also found out that he used to trek with Tenzing Norgay, sherpa who stood on top of the worldl as first together with sir Edmund Hillary.

At about 5pm we came back to hotel. I went for dinner then dropped to few shops to buy shampoo, water and water purification tablets. It’s essential on trek to have them. I think tonight it’s gonna be early sleep due to time difference and also tomorrow I have to wake up at 5 am to catch the plane.

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