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Back to Hanoi, Day 11

I woke up around 4am. It was pretty hot in the cabin. I jumped down from bed, stretched my bones and had chocolate croissant for breakfast. Train already reached Hanoi. I took my baggage and head out of railway station to catch a cab to Old Quarter. It was still pretty early and whole city was still sleeping. There was no action at Ma May street so I decided to walk to the lake. Still pitch black outside but I saw many, mostly older men and women exercising near the lake. There was one guy who looked like Bolo Yeung and he was occasionally screaming, not sure for what reason. There were some others who yelled at each other from other side of the lake. I noticed there is lot of spitting going on here. It’s not just Vietnam but across the Asia. Especially early morning you can hear that “lovely” sound from far away. As it was getting brighter I returned to the Handspan Office. They were already open so I dropped my big bag there, had a double espresso and banana choco shake. I also met Canh aka “Landscape”, the tour guide from Halong Bay. Nice dude. He remembered me despite he sees so many new faces every day.

I have 8 more hours to go before taking taxi t0 airport. It’s relatively cold outside and I am pretty lazy to do anything now. Maybe I just stay at Handspan restaurant or maybe not. There are still some photos to be taken. I went to the Old Quarter streets and got lost for awhile. After I found my way I went to the lake again, dropped in into Gloria Jeans for coffee.  There is some kind of holiday because it seems like whole Hanoi gathered in the lake area. Not sure what the holiday is, I might ask later. As I was walking and taking photos I saw bunch of people starring into the water and they seemed to be very excited. I looked very hard but I didn’t see a thing. So I kept walking. It was quite funny, some guy asked me if I spoke English and then he wanted a photo with me. Also some girls started to talk to me with really weak English. She tried so hard but she finished every sentence in Vietnamese. What I understood they were college students and wanted to practice English. So they kept me company all afternoon, we took some photos which I am going to send to them. Then I saw again people starring into the water again. Even girl went crazy rushing to the lake. Now I saw something which seemed to be a giant turtle living in the lake. So Hanoi has it’s own Lochness beast. It was time to say goodbye to girls. I returned to Handspan for some snack and pick up my backpack and I head off to the airport. Taxi to airport cost me $16 US + road toll which was about 30.000 Dong. I am sure he fooled me a little but I didn’t care. I just wanted to be over immigratio0n check .

Well cannot say that Hanoi airport is easy to get around. I found it very confusing that signs are in Vietnamese and with English translation below it. It makes sense this way but if you have more than one line of information it may get little confusing. I desperately need shower. Last time I had it in Handspan office in Sapa  and thats more than 24 hrs ago. I am supposed to reach Singapore about 1am and then wake up to work at 7:30 am. Good luck with that 🙂

So I guess this is it. My Vietnam adventure is over. Thanks for reading.

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