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Last day in Sapa, Day 10

I had very good sleep last night. First I was tired after long day and second they had heated matraces on the bed which is really nice touch. And shower was also very hot and water pressure sufficient. However breakfast was not included in price but I still think Cat Cat Twilight hotel is a good deal. I ordered scrambled eggs for breakfast and then I packed my stuff and checked out. I still have all day to spare since bus leaves at 5:30pm. I can go tricking but that means I get dirty and sweaty and my next shower is gonna be only in Singapore. But I gave in. Who cares I am gonna be dirty. There are photographic opportunities out there and I don’t want to waste it. So I dropped my big backpack at Handspan office and went for about 10km trek and took 9GB of photos. Few hours well spent ๐Ÿ™‚ And I am sweaty and dirty now. Weather improved and it’s the same as my first day in Sapa.
Afternoon is gonna be spent by walking around the city. Maybe I buy Northface jacket, they have many of them here and pretty cheap, maybe I also buy some good trekking shoes. They are very valuable.
Also i have one more thing to do. I don’t have a decent photo of people from Red Dao tribe since they are not happy about cameras at all. There are couple of them in the city so I maybe try to persuade them for photo. Of course I don’t want to be pushy as I respect their tradition and values. But some of them are more open minded than others. I can try my luck. If not then next time because it’s 100% sure I will be back here. Sapa jumped to No 1 of my all time favorites.
There is gallery in the main street with some wonderful photographs in there. I was told it was taken by some American photographer (I forgot the name) who spent in Sapa more than two years. Well I cannot beat that with my 5 days but I hope I got some decent shots. It’s gonna take weeks till I sort out all the photos.

I had one hour to spare so I dropped into a massage place next to Handspan office. Vietnamese massage uses lots off hitting. I felt like baby who got on his bum from his mother ๐Ÿ™‚ AAnyway it was nice since my body was aching from trekking.

Then I just wait for bus in front of Handspan office. There was a Hmong girl I met on New Years Eve. She was only 14 but her English was very good. She was a bit crazy and we were joking around next 20 minutes till the bus came. I said goodbye, jumped on the bus and of we went to Lao Cai. I felt really sad I had to leave this place which was my home for 5 days with all those nice and hospitable people. I think I am really going to miss “buy from meeeeeeee”. ๐Ÿ™‚

After 1 hour we reached Lao Cai. There was a guide waiting for us. (Handspan service works really well). We had dinner at local restaurant and then walked across the square to railway station. I boarded the train. This time I shared the cabin with a Vietnamese guy and two Singaporean girls who worked in Hanoi. I was hoping for few hours of sleep. Actually when I have place to lay down it is much easier to sleep. I just cannot sleep in sitting position. Actually I felt asleep pretty quick. So see you in Hanoi in the morning.

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