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Exploring Sapa and Cat Cat village, Day 8

After fairly cold night I woke up, had a glimpse outside te window and learned that it is yet again very foggy. To day I decided to explore the town of Sapa little bit more. I still fel my legs feom the long trek 2 days before. I might go for massage as well or try Red Dao herbal foot massage.  I had a quick shower and headed for breakfast which was included in $10 room price. I mean this is not luxury here but they squeezed lot of things into the price. These people don’t own a lot  yet they provide as much as the can and they are very very polite.
Breakfast took place on top floor in a “penthouse” style room with nice view of valey and Sapa town. Egg omelette, baguette and black coffee is more than enough.  After breakfast I prepare for the day. Need to go to Handspan office to arrange the transportation from Sapa to Lao Cai the last day. Also need to get map of Sapa somewhere. It’s not a big city but map might be handy. There is a lake somewhere here and I hope I might get some shots there.
I walked to the Sapa lake but it is nothing spectacular. On the way to the city center I stopped for one coffee, also bought some crossaint for lunch. Weather improved a lot and first time in days I actually saw blue sky. I decided it makes no sense to completely waste the day in Sapa. Cat Cat village is quite close so I went there. I knew this was the biggest and also most commercialised village in Sapa valley. It was ok though. On the way there I got two Hmong ladies on my back and they were following me and asking me questions. They couldn’t get that I am still not married LOL. To loose them I bought from them some small items. I bargained the price down by 40% and managed to take few shots 🙂 Their english is basic but sometimes they come up with phrases that make my mind wonder. One lady tried to sell a scarf and I said too expensive and went down to 20% of her asking price. And she goes “Do not joking meeeee”, some other younger girl in similar situation said “no money, no honey”.
I did this about 4km trek to Cat Cat village and back. There was a small waterfall in the middle of the village, quite nice. On the way I was meeting men offering a motorbike ride. “Moto sir? Maybe later ok?” But this was a short trek so I didnt itend to use their services. And if I go further I probably hire a motorbike on my own. I came back to hotel at about 15:30 for shower but for some reason there was no water.
After that I continued exploring the town. I was walking a lot up and down, when I got hungry I just grabbed bagueete and had some vietnamese coffee. I took some photos of Hmong kids in the market, but modeling is not free of charge. Sad thing is that prostitution in Sapa is on the rise. I was approached by pimps at least three times a day. Sad, this just doesn’t belong to place like this.
I have one more night in Family guesthouse but for last night I have to find something else since they are booked out. What a shame because I really like the place. I was told that there is public holiday in Vietnam after New year and they are expecting crowds here. I managed to book another room near market for $15 US. But I don’t get the same view of the valley, room condition seems to be same. Oh well, what can I do. Tonight I probably head to Hmong Sister Bar for New Year Eve. I see how it goes. I am bit sad that my time is Sapa is getting shorter.

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