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Continue the trek, Day 7

I woke up next day at about 6pm. Some family members were already awake, some especially younger ones were still sleeping. Morning was pretty chilli. I came down ( we slept in the attic) and thretched my bones. It was still some time left till breakfast so I had a stroll in the village. Weather was more gloomy than yesterday. All foggy and no sun whatsoever. It was interesting to observe the village life. This willage as well as our home stay belong to Tay people. They seemed to be very polite and also reasonably clean. Some of the women were continuosly wiping the floor. Mostly I saw women and kids, very few men in all villages. Not sure where they were. Maybe on construstion sites. There were some arround the area.
Our breakfast was pancakes with sirup or honey, bananas and coffee. Pretty good. I ate a lot. I would eat even more but I thought we continue by car on bumpy winding road. In that case the really full stomach is not a good idea. But instead we had short about 3 km trek to one more remote village of Red Dao tribe. They seemed to be the porest of all tribes I saw. We were once again given opportunity to see a house from inside and as yesterday, Elvis gave us full explanation. These people were little bit more reserved, especially to photography as I explained before. We visited local school and also kindergarden with some cute and curious kids. There was no sign of tourist activity in this village which was really great.But unfortunately due to their beliefs and religion I wasn’t able to take many pictures.
After coming back to out home stay place we had lunch and then said goodbye to our very nice and hospitable hosts. Minibus from Handspan office transferred us to Sapa where I said goodbye to Elvis and also my compatriot from trek. I had to find some accomodation for next 3 nights so I started to scan hotels. I ended up at family guest house recommended by my friend Jan who stayed here 2 months ago. Price is $10 US a night, not very fancy but clean and it perfectly suits my needs. Lady from reception shoved me the room first and when I said yes we sealed the deal but only for 2 nights since later on it was all booked out. I had a hot shower ( with water pressure rather low) and then I head back to explore the city. I stopped at Handspan office to say goodbye to some people I met on Halong Bay trip and then had a stroll in the city. It was pretty cold and foggy. I started to feel hungry so I dropped in to one of many restaurants on the main street and after dinner I head back to gueshouse to type this before I forget what happened. I was two day behind with this. I don’t think I am going to do anything else but sleep now. It’s pretty cold so I want to just curl under the quilt and have some good sleep.

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