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Cat Ba to Hanoi and Lao Cai, Day 5

Night was very peaceful and sleep was deep in huge bed of Sunrise Resort. I kind of needed it to recharge for further adventures. Unfortunately the weather situation improved only a little. There was no more fog and rain but still overcast for a nice landscape shots.After a huge breakfast I took a stroll to town of Cat Ba. There is fairly big floating village in the bay. As I walked on waterfront and took photos I was approached several times by local fisherman to take a boat. Threy looked bit fragile and I didn’t really want to risk my equipment so I politely refused but Imanaged to take couple of “usable” shots but not great by any merits. But at least they have some tonal variance 🙂 I am just making excuses for being really bad photographer.

As we had no lunch provided by tour I dropped into local restaurant on waterfront and had sweet sour beef Vietnamese style. It just tasted different but not bad. After that I headed back to resort to collect my stuff and check out. So far everything works like swiss watch. I really have to recommend the Handspan Adventures travel agency. Especially the tour guide is extreeely good and polite fellow. His name sounds something like Cahn but he said we can call him “Landscape” since that’s what his name means in English.  I like his explanation about hiring a motorbike with a driver. He said you sit behind driver and hug him. In Vietnam man can hug a man. But if you sit behind a female driver it is “more excellent” :))))) Nice dude.

Well, we go back to Hanoi different way. We are taking speedboat to port city of Hai Phong which is the biggest port in Vietnam. From there we are picked up by Handspan bus and taken to the Handspan office in Old Quarter. We say quick goodbyes to group members and out guide and everybody heads their way. I am staying at Handspan for some food, internet and also wait for transportation to Hanoi train station where I am catching the train to Lao Cai. A couple from Canada, Glen and Sonia I met on Halong Bay trip are joining me on the train. It’s great to meet various people on travels and share the experience and give or get tips on hotels or restaurants. It always comes handy.

Now I am having dinner before signing of. See you all soon with some other news.

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