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Halong Bay, Day 3

I woke up early and hear again that voice from speakers with some communist party propaganda message. I grabbed my breakfast, paid for the hotel room and headed to Handspan office for trip departure. I got probably ripped of at hotel. Vietnamese DDong has just too many zeros not to get really confused. Anyway, I am not good at money matters…
After I reached the Handspan office I was approached by couple of women trying to seel theyr goods.  After yesterdays experience I didnt buy anything. What happened is that similar woman approached me to buy pinaple. I refused and then she goes..”picture, picture” and I say of course, after all thats why I am here in Vietnam. So I took a shot and there she goes throws her conical vietnamese hat on my head together with her baskets which ended up on my shoulder. And she tried to take photo of me. Her “colleague” also put her basket on my other shoulder. At that point I aready knew this is gonna be expensive. Well I paid her for pinaple plus little for photo and then the other one wanted her share too. For what. For having her baskets on my shoulder of course. I didn’t want to have whole Viet Cong behind my back so I paid them and decided to be much smarter from now on. So that was the little story from yesterday I forgotten to mention.
Now I am ready to leave for Halong Bay. Of course the weather sucks. It’s overcast with little drizzle. I hope it gets better. Group of ten boards little airconditioned bus and of we go. I try to sleep on the bus but I am not succesful. I watch the countryside but it’s kind of greyish like their buildings. Country is still poor. Most of the people in the country side still live in poverty. I still notice red flags and transparent with communism propaganda messages. Housing style in Vietnam has distinct french colonialisn features. Houses are very narrow but tall.
Group I am traverling is mixed. Young couple from Canada, 2 guys from Israel, girl from Melborne, cuban guy (olld bastard) with quite beautiful vietnamese compoanion.
Upon arriving to Halong City we board our junk and head of to bay cruising. Even the scenery is misty you know how beautiful this place is. There is quite number of junks with tourists but bay area is huge so they spread out. We had seafood lunch and then I just headed to the deck to take some shots. It’s hard to get anything useful. Sky is dead flat and horizon is not visible due thick mist.
We stopped at floating fishing villahe which was quite interesting. Also people living there don’t have the source of drinking water there. All water is brought to the village from mainland and it is expensive. Villagers earn about $200 a month from fishing and spend $30 just for water. Hard life.
It was quite cold but I couldn’t help it and had a swim in also relatively cold water. I jumped into the water from upper deck, nearly dislocated my shoulder.  After that I had hot shower (on relatively small junk) and then just spent the rest of the time before dinner on the deck. I took few shots but visibility didn’t get better. We reached our “parking” place where all the junks gather for the night. Getting ready for dinner while I type this. Dinner table is just being set up. After dinner there is probably gonna be bed time, because its too dark. I might spend few minutes on the deck, because air is fresh and clean and not hot.
I am signigh off and going to enjoy my dinner.

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    February 18, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Guide deserves article on it’s own 🙂

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