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Halong Bay and Cat Ba, Day 4

Sleeping on a boatis awesome. Out junk was pretty steady and water of Halong Bay are not really wavy but still it felt great. I didn;t wake up for sunrise because Sun is on holiday too and decided not to show up. I came of my cabit with hope for a better weather but I was again greated with dense fog. Seems like I am not gonna get any usable shot from Halong Bay. Most pictures have too compressed values because of fog or there is just too big contrast for camera to handle. Well, I am gonna have to live with it.
W had a breakfast and after it we head to do some sea kayaking. It’s quite fun and got into it quickly. We visited some hidden lagoon. It felt very peaceful and quiet. EEvery sound was echoed several times. Nice mystical place. After 2 hrs of kayaking we returned to the boat for lunch and after lunch few of us did another two hours on kayaks. This time the fog cleared up a bit but it was still overcast and and t even started raining. I was soaking wet, my towel was wet, swimsuit wet and it was getting a little cold.
Next night we are about to spend in Sunrise Resort on Cat Ba island. This is a  luxury insert to the otherwise adventureous trip. I am not protesting because I am tired and feel cold. And my shoulders would do well with some massage they offer on resort:)
I am just waiting for dinner and then I see how I feel. Paddling is different kind of exercise I am used to so I feel pretty sore. There is not too much plan for tomorrow. Islan exploration in the morning but I might just skip it. There is not much happening in here. After lunch we are about to leave Halong Bay area for Hanoi and I am catching the overnight train to Lao Cai the same day. I don’t think I will be able to get online in Sapa so I will have to finish my blog after I come back to Singapore. I will see how it goes.

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