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Flying to Hanoi – day 1

D day is here. If I was at home in Slovakia I would probably be together with my family looking forward Christmas dinner, presents and everything that comes with this nice holiday. However I am on the other side of the world and Christmas without family is no Christmas for me. Instead a decided to go on the road with my cameras again. Destination is Vietnam. I have got all together 11 days to spend in this beautiful country. I have booked only air fare and hotel for first two nights in Hanoi. That’s it. This is the first time I plan to do and book everything on the fly so let’s see how it goes. I plan to see a lot. I spend only one full day in Hanoi since I want to stay away from big city as much as I can. Other two destinations are a must see Halong Bay and Sapa. I have few more hours at work before flying of. It’s hard to concentrate on anything work related. i am so excited and anxious. This is the first time I visit communist country after my own country got rid of communist rule about 20 years ago. But it should be fun

Couple of hours later…

I am sitting on the airport and enjoying free wifi connection. Still one more hour till boarding. I bought some magazine for reading, dried mango and some candies for children in Vietnam.

After few hours we landed at No Bain international airport in Hanoi. I prepared the documents needed for visa on arrival. Everything went relatively smooth only it took long time. All the officials, policemen, custom officers weore green uniforms. I think there is only green color when it comes to uniforms in Vietnam. It reminded me of communist era in my country when the look ad feel was exactly the same.
Outside the airport II took Vietnamese Airlines minibus to the Old qarter for $5 US. It’s by far the cheapest and best choice for tourists to get to the city. Traffic got denser and denser as we got closer to the city. In the city center it became completely insane. I never saw so many motorbikes in my life. They just kept coming and never stopped. There wasn’t any room left on the road even for pedestrians. I saw that army of motorbikes coming towards us once the traffic light turned green. I tried to describe the feeling and closes to it would be the Genghis Khan’s army charging towards you.  At the time we got stuck in thetraffic for a long time and driver aparently lost patience. He pointed at me and said you take bike for tuu dola. I was pretty tired, already knew we are pretty close and I just wanted to be in my room and take shower. So a agreed and next 10 mins turned to be pretty exciting. I became a part of Genghis Khan’s army. Sintting on back of the bike behind driver, holding my cap with one hand, holding my camera bag with other, backpack on the bak….crazy. And all this honking and beeping and bumping. Fun start to Vietnam adventure.
Finnaly I checked in into my hotel. Luckily its not far from main street but far enough to be away from noise. It’s pretty cheap one, only $12 US, supposedly with breakfast and free wifi. Well free wifi has a password so I am going to find out tomorrow at the reception. To be honest I won’t be surprised if they told me that breakfast is not included. Hope they at least keep the price. It is gonna be day of surprises tomorrow.
Plan is to walk arround old quarter and not get lost, book trip to halong bay and buy train ticket to Lao Cai. Hope it goes well because my goal is spend most of this holiday outside the city.
I just took a shower and I am off to bed.
To be continued…

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